An Employment Visa is required for a person or group who wants to work in Tonga, either in the Public Service or Private Sector for any length of time.

Who must apply for Employment Visa ?

  1. A non Tongan citizen who wants to work in Tonga either in the Public Service or Private Sector.
  2. A group or individual undertaking voluntary and charitable work in the Kingdom.
  3. However, Special Immigration conditions apply for those International organizations which bring in voluntary workers to Tonga on a frequent basis and where the Tongan Government has an official agreement, approved by Cabinet, with the said organization.


The following requirements must be met:

  1. 2 recent passport photos for all applicants.
  2. Valid passport within 6 months of the date of travel.
  3. A medical report issued within the past 6 months by a licensed doctor.
  4. A national Police Clearance issued within the past 3 months from the country/state of residence.
  5. 2 character references with contact details.
  6. Letter of Support from Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries (MLCL).
  7. USD$230 money order payable to Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga, Beijing, PRC; or USD$230 Cash.
  8. Application form must be fully completed and signed (one application per family).
  9. For renewed applications, a letter of support from the Inland Revenue Department on history of tax payment(s) is required.

The following documents are also required if you are going to be employed in Tonga up to 2 or more years:

  1. Offer of employment from a company in Tonga.
  2. Employment contract for all applicants, each contract must include the job specification of the non-citizen applicant and a repatriation clause for conclusion/termination of the contract by either party, which places the burden of repatriation on the employer.
  3. If not, Immigration may require a TOP$1,000 bond per person;
  4. Evidence of professional skills of applicants.
  5. Evidence to support professional skills (formal academic qualifications or letters of references from former employers on letterhead). Letter of support from Secretary for Labour, Commerce & Industries on whether the applicant’s professional skill is required in Tonga (labour check)
  6. Relevant licenses/registration required by any other law in Tonga relating to the specific profession, have been acquired (e.g Registration on the Board of Health for person requiring to practice medicine in Tonga, etc)
  7. The employer’s business license and company registration may also be required by Immigration. Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries may also request inspection of the business/company and any information relating to the number of Tongans currently employed by the said company.

Application Form

Download the application form here.

How do I apply?

Fill in the application forms and collect all appropriate documents required and leave your application with the reception at the Embassy, Beijing, PRC.

How long does it take to process an Employment Visa ?

  1. An Employment Visa normally takes one month to process.
  2. Other processes that may affect the length of processing your employment visa
  3. The Immigration Division may also inspect the business/company for genuineness of operation.
  4. The Immigration Division will not consider an application that is NOT SUPPORTED by MLCI
  5. Applicants travelling to Tonga with the intention of setting up a business may enter the country on a visitor’s visa but must advise Tonga Immigration of their intention in advance and in writing, otherwise a fee of T$1,150.00 is to be paid.
  6. All foreign documents may either be originals or certified copy.
  7. Incomplete applications may result in a delay and/or rejection.
  8. A Bond may be imposed if a repatriation clause is not included in the contract or in any case where the Immigration Officer is uncertain that either party will be able to pay their return air fare. Applicants shall bring all original documents and copies thereof for sighting and certification at the Immigration Division when applying for a visa.
  9. Any foreign documents presented must be the original and have attached an English translation. The documentation must also contain certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for that Government or from one of its diplomatic missions verifying the document and translation.

Important Notice to Companies and Businesses

Whereby the applicant fulfills all conditions for a permit and MLCI recognize the applicant’s skill as required in the Tongan labour market, an employment permit will be issued by the Immigration Division.

The Immigration Division will allow the applicant to TRANSFER companies/businesses/ employers if they apply for a transfer of a visa and fulfills the necessary conditions for the transfer. Companies/businesses/employers should protect any financial investment they have made in bringing the applicant to the country via employment contracts with the applicant.


In Beijing

1-3-22 Jianguomenwai Diplomatic Resident Compound
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100600
People's Republic of China
Phone: (+8610) 65327203
Fax: (+8610) 65327204

In Tonga

Mrs Telesia Kaitapu
Head of Immigration and Citizenship Division
Immigration Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of the Kingdom of Tonga
Phone:(676) 26 970 or (676) 26 969
Fax:(676) 26 971 or (676) 23 360

Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries
Government of Tonga
P.O Box 110
Phone:(676)23688 or (676)23792
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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