Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga The Kingdom of Tonga welcomes visitors from all over the world each year. Recently, there has been an increasing number of Chinese people visiting the Kingdom as tourists, businessmen and to visit relatives and friends. The following information on Passport and Visa is to facilitate your travel to the Kingdom of Tonga. Passport Requirements Every person who wants to visit the Kingdom of Tonga is required to have an original valid passport of 6 months from the date of travel EXCEPT the following:

  1. Carte de service (issued to officials of the South Pacific Commission now known as the Secretariat of the Pacific)
  2. Certificate or document of identity provided holder is entitled for re – admission into the country which issued the document or holds relevant official documentation
  3. Seaman’s book if entry into Tonga is by SEAPORT
  4. Members of Airline Crew do NOT require a passport, UNLESS such crew member intends to stay in Tonga for longer than 24 hours. The name of the said crew member should appear on the crew manifest presented to Border Control in the Kingdom.
  5. Certificate of Identity issued by the Government of Tonga.
  6. Laissez-Passer (issued to officials of the United Nations)
  7. Military Identity Card OR movement order provided travelling on duty to Tonga.
  8. Letter of authorization from one of Tonga’s diplomatic missions overseas and bearing the official stamp of the Tongan Diplomatic Mission; OR
  9. Letter of authorization issued by the Immigration Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Tonga, bearing the official stamp of either the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Principal Immigration Officer.


Diplomatic or Official Tonga or Tonga National Passports which must be VALID for the dated of Arrival into the Kingdom.

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