Who must apply for a Business Visa ?

A Business is required by a non Tongan Citizen or a foreign company who wishes to set up a business in Tonga.


The following requirements must be met:

  1. 2 recent passport photos for all applicants.
  2. Valid passport within 6 months of travel.
  3. A medical report issued within the past 6 months by a licensed doctor.
  4. Police Clearance issued in the past 3 months from the country/state of residence.
  5. 2 character references with contact information.
  6. Letter of support from Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries (MLCI).
  7. Cash payment of USD$345.00 or money order payable to Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga, Beijing, PRC.
  8. If renewing application, a letter of support from the Inland Revenue Department on history of tax payment(s) is required.
  9. Completed Application Form.

The following documents are also required if you are going to be employed in Tonga up to 2 or more years:

  1. Business plan
  2. Letter of support from the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries, Nuku’alofa.
  3. Evidence of financial investment in the said company/business (bank statements, letters of reference from bankers/creditiors)
  4. Relevant licenses/registration required by any other law in Tonga relating to the specific business (e.g Registration on the Board of Health for persons requiring to set up a medical practice in Tonga).

Application form

Download application form here.

How do I apply ?

Collect all documents required, fill in application form and leave application with reception at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga, Beijing, PRC.

How long does it take to process a Business Visa ?

  1. A Business Visa normally takes one month to process.
  2. Other processes that may affect the length of processing your employment visa.
  3. The Immigration Division may also inspect the Business/company for genuineness of operation.
  4. The Immigration Division will not consider an application that is NOT SUPPORTED by MLCI.
  5. Applicants travelling to Tonga with an intention of setting up a business may enter the country on a visitor’s visa but must advise Tonga Immigration of their intention in advance and in writing, otherwise a fee TOP$1,150.00 is to be paid.
  6. All foreign documents may either be originals or certified copy.
  7. If financial investment is in an established business, the Immigration Division may inspect the current operation in conjunction with the MLCI and request information on the number of Tongans currently employed in the said business.
  8. All relevant company registration/business licenses relating to the said business, including share certificates for more information, please click on http://www.tongachamber.org./starting-a-business-in-tonga

Important Notice to Companies and Businesses

  2. Application for a Business Visa must be done prior to entry into the Kingdom.
  3. Policies relating to business markets in the Kingdom are established by the Ministry of Labour, Commerce and Industries (MLCI) and not the Immigration Division.
  4. Foreign investors who wish to financially invest in a business/company in Tonga are advised to contact the Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries to seek advice on the business markets that are available for foreign investment.


In Beijing

1-3-22 Jianguomenwai Diplomatic Resident Compound
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100600
People's Republic of China
Phone: (+8610) 65327203
Fax: (+8610) 65327204

In Tonga

Mrs Telesia Kaitapu
Principal Immigration Officer Immigration Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of the Kingdom of Tonga
Phone:(676)26 970 or (676)26 969
Fax:(676)26 971 or (676)23 360

Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries
Government of Tonga
P.O Box 110
Phone:(676)23688 or (676)23792
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